Snippet: Fetching results after calling stored procedures us

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The stored_results() method of cursor object is retiring an iterator object which will go over the results proceeded after calling the stored procedure. Each result is actually a MySQLCursorBuffered object.

You could also use the with_rows cursor property to check if the cursor actually could return rows or not (for example, for SELECT statements). An example is provided in the documentation.


For this example we create a stored procedure which is executing SHOW SLAVE STATUS.

```python cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user=’scott’, password=’tiger’, database=’mining’) cur = cnx.cursor() cur.execute(“DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS slave_status”) proc = “CREATE PROCEDURE slave_status () BEGIN SHOW SLAVE STATUS; END” cur.execute()“slave_status”)

for result_cursor in cur.stored_results(): for row in result_cursor: print(row[0]) ```

The result from the above would be:

shell $ python Waiting for master to send event


Using MySQL Connector/Python, you are calling a stored procedure which is also selecting data and you would like to fetch the rows of the result.

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